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How to become a police officer and other related information

Want to be a police officer?

It’s amazing to think that 75% of applicants who complete the application form never make it to the next stage of the process. This goes to show that the application process is one of the most important stages of the entire process.

At the application stage you are competing with the most amounts of candidates than at any other stage of the recruitment process. Your application needs to be strong and stand out in the eyes of the recruitment staff.

Included in this guide is a section dedicated the application form. It will explain to you exactly what the assessors are looking for, explain in detail the core competencies and provide you with questions and sample responses so that you can prepare effectively and progress to the next stage of the process.

Make sure you are completely prepared!

The application part of the process is largely focused around the candidates matching their skills against the core competencies of an ideal police officer in any area, from Northumbria to Cornwall.

Throughout the selection process you will be required to build your responses around these key competencies. This guide will show you how you can effectively identify the core competencies in question and demonstrate them to the recruitment assessors.

Doing this will put you in control, build you confidence and turn you in to a very strong candidate.

Matching the core competencies at every stage is key to success with the police recruitment process. It will show you clearly and easily how to do so at every stage of the process.


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